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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

Michael Fiore Bio • Author And Relationship Coach

On this website you’ll probably hear me mention author and relationship coach, Michael Fiore, more than any other expert. It’s not because I earn a quarter every time I say the name “Michael Fiore” (although that would be pretty damn cool if I did), but rather because Mike’s work is most closely related to what the Text Mate website is all about: teaching men and women how to use technology to improve human connection.

While most experts have been slow to embrace text messaging as a beneficial and effective way to improve relationships, Michael Fiore has led the way in teaching men and women how to use tiny text messages sent from a cell phone to increase passion, romance, intimacy, and desire. If you use text messages (who doesn’t these days?), then Mike’s stuff is super cool.

What started out as a simple interest in his work has turned into a friendship, and he’s a man I look up to and have great respect for. Today, I want to introduce you to Mike Fiore and show you just how fun text messaging can be.

Michael Fiore Bio – Who Is The Guy With The “Magic Thumbs”?

Known by many as “the man with the magic thumbs”, Michael Fiore is a Seattle based author and relationship coach who has gained a celebrity following in the weird little niche of text messaging.

While text messaging often gets a bad rap for things like “sexting” and “text cheating”, Michael continues to teach people how the push of a few buttons can be used to strengthen and completely transform relationships for the better.

In one of his most popular programs, Text Your Ex Back, Michael says…

“When you heard “Text Your Ex Back,” you probably guffawed a little bit, or choked on your soup, and said “yeah, right. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get my ex back already. How can TEXT MESSAGES do the trick?” But the fact is that these days TEXTING is the most direct and personal method we have for intimately communicating with each other.”

And in Text The Romance Back, a program that took Michael to a national stage, he writes…

“But then I discovered just how powerful texting actually is. Sending the man or woman in your life the right messages when you’re away from each other—or even when you’re in the same room together—can create an amazing sense of intimacy and connection between you and your partner, take the gas out of dumb fights and put the SPARK back in your relationship, no matter how long it’s been gone.”

Michael’s own experiences taught him just how powerful text messaging could be. That realization propelled him to a lifelong mission to teach as many men and women as possible how to use texts to improve human connection.

Today, Michael Fiore text messages have caught worldwide attention and have put him in the media spotlight.

Michael Fiore Books

In just a few short years Michael has already authored 3 best selling texting guides which have sold thousands of copies worldwide. These include…

  • Text Your Wife Into Bed (TYWIB) which teaches men how to use text messages to increase attraction and desire in the women they date.
  • Text The Romance Back which teaches men and women how to increase passion, romance, and desire while bringing the spark back to any relationship.
  • Text Your Ex Back which teaches you how to use text messages to get your ex back after a breakup.

All of Michael Fiore’s ebooks come in a digital, downloadable format. This means you can instantly download them to any of your favorite devices which can read PDF files including laptop and desktop computers, iPads and other tablets, and iPhones and other smart phones.

On February 6th, 2012, Michael Fiore also released a program not centered around text messaging called The Secret Survey.

This program reveals many of the things men keep from women (and the reasons why they do) and teaches women how to understand and improve their relationships with men. It is groundbreaking and controversial and has been very well received with over 3000 copies sold in just the first week alone.

In The Works

Michael is currently working on a new program aimed at helping women heal and move on after divorce. It is expected to release in mid to late 2012.

Michael Fiore In The News

You don’t have Michael Fiore’s blitzing and seemingly instant success without catching the eye of mainstream media.

Mike has appeared on the Rachael Ray show, the Mancow radio show, Fox News, CBS Radio, and countless other broadcasts. Sex advice columnists love him and he’s even been approached by Eastern European clerics which is unique and fascinating in its own right.

Here are a few video outtakes from some of his appearances…

On The Rachael Ray Show

On New Day Northwest

On San Diego Fox 5 In the Morning

On WFLA Daytime

Today Michael is THE texting authority when it comes to relationships, human interaction, and connection. I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

See you in the next post,