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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

The Michael Fiore Three Magic Texts Report For Women

Made popular during Valentine’s Day on the Rachael Ray Show in 2011, the Michael Fiore Three Magic Texts Report is designed to send shivers down your man’s spine and help you improve the intimacy with your husband or boyfriend as soon as tonight.

There are both male and female versions of the report, but today I’ll be focusing on the report for women.

Best of all, the Three Magic Texts Report is free. You can download it right now from this link.

Author and relationship expert Michael Fiore says…

“This report is really the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to using simple little text messages to drastically improve the intimacy, connection, and passion in your relationship.”

If you don’t already know, Michael Fiore is the man behind several different texting programs which include Text The Romance Back, Text Your Ex Back, and Text Your Wife Into Bed. Mike’s Three Magic Texts Report gives you a sneak peek inside Text The Romance Back and shows you how to bring the spark back into your relationship by using texting as the “secret key to your man’s romantic mind”.

What’s Inside The 3 Magic Texts Report By Michael Fiore?

The report centers around 4 central concepts which can be summarized as…

1.) Your man’s cell phone is the closest thing to “telepathy” that you can get and is a way to get him to shower you with the attention you want without ever coming across as nagging or complaining.

2.) Guys are not as emotionally complex as women and respond best to visual stimuli (and, no, this does not mean snapping some photos with your shirt off and sending them to him).

3.) Men get the most pleasure when they have the ability to give a woman pleasure and to be appreciated for it.

4.) From a romantic standpoint, guys want to feel masculine, powerful, and in control.

The 3 texts Michael teaches you in his free report help you portray yourself as a woman worth going after so your man thinks about you constantly and counts down the minutes until he gets to see you again.

It’s all done through a 3 step process that involves…

  • Getting his attention and creating curiosity.
  • Using specific language to establish his strength and power.
  • Engaging his mind on a primal level that makes him crave your next encounter.

Inside the Michael Fiore 3 Magic Texts Report, you’ll learn how to use visual language in your texts to get your guy to give you the romance and attention you crave. This isn’t sexting. It’s what Michael refers to as “Love Letters 2.0”.

As Mike points out…

“Remember, our whole goal here is really to inspire your man to WANT to take action, to WANT to give you the attention you crave and to ‘wake up’ again to what a beautiful, wonderful woman he has in his life.”

After you capture your man’s curiosity and establish his power through your words, it’s time for the final text in the triplet.

get the michael fiore three magic texts reportIt’s a real bombshell in which Mike shows you how to use what he calls “the single most powerful word in the world” coupled with anticipation to make a connection your boyfriend, your husband, or that cute guy in the cubicle down the hall can’t resist.

My wife sent me these types of texts before we were married and…well…I can’t really share the details of what happened next (my grandma might read this and she wouldn’t be able to handle the heart attack), but I’ll just say it was good…the real naughty kind of good.

If you want your relationships with men to have more romance, passion, intimacy, and desire, then download the Michael Fiore Three Magic Texts report, try it on your guy, and let me know how it goes, ok?