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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

Michael Fiore Text Examples From Text Your Wife Into Bed

These days Michael Fiore text examples are a hot commodity…and for good reason. They just flat out work.

For copyright reasons, I obviously can’t just copy and paste a bunch of Michael’s material on this website.

For one, it would be illegal and I don’t really feel like spending a few nights in jail with a guy named “Bubba” or paying out a hefty fine. And two, I know how much time, effort, money, and resources Michael has put into creating his products and I think he deserves the opportunity to make a living teaching others his incredible texting secrets and techniques.

Michael Fiore is the real deal and not just some poser sitting in his basement cranking out cheesy pick up lines and claiming they are the “cat’s meow”.

People who try to steal Mike’s intellectual property or who try to offer it illegally on download sites for free are the ones who should be spending the night with Bubba, don’t you think?

With that being said, what I CAN do is give you some examples of the types of Michael Fiore text messages you’ll learn if you invest in any of his texting programs. These include Text Your Wife Into Bed, Text The Romance Back, and Text Your Ex Back.

In my opinion, specific Michael Fiore text examples aren’t the crown jewel anyway. There’s a much bigger prize at stake. What you really want are Michael’s unique texting formulas and the knowledge of what types of texts to send and when.

That way you can craft your own unique text messages any time you need them, and you’ll have the “know how” to handle any situation that comes up in your relationship. After all, Michael won’t always be there to hold your hand so examples of his texts will only get you so far if you don’t understand the concepts behind what makes them so damn effective.

So my next series of posts will focus on text message examples from each of Michael’s three texting guides. I’ll start today by looking at Michael Fiore’s Text Your Wife Into Bed program.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Text Examples

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Michael’s work, Text Your Wife Into Bed (TYWIB) is a texting guide which helps men use text messages to build attraction and take their relationships with women to an incredible sexual level.

turn her on with text messages

Dial up the heat with text messages...

The title is a bit misleading because Text Your Wife Into Bed isn’t just for married men. It’s for any man who wants to dial up the “heat” with the women he dates by pushing a few buttons on his cell phone.

The texts you’ll learn inside the TYWIB program are meant to awaken her sexuality by amplifying her sexual energy, making her feel sexy, and giving her permission to give into her sexuality without feeling judged or like she’ll be viewed as a “slut”.

It’s crazy to think simple text messages sent from your cell phone can awaken a woman’s inner sexual beast, but it’s entirely true. And they can do the same for men too.

The Curiosity Pivot

It all starts with what Michael calls a “curiosity pivot”. This allows you to break away from mundane, boring texting and create a sexual context for communication. Michael describes a curiosity pivot as…

“A ‘Curiosity-Pivot’ is a text that makes her curious about where you’re going with things…It’s basically ‘bait’. You want her to ‘bite’ by responding before you move on to anything else. It’s not sexual, but it gets her attention and STARTS THE CONVERSATION and later will be her signal that the ‘Games’ are about to begin.”

You see, it’s all about getting her attention in a way that allows you to switch the context of the conversation into something more dirty without you coming across as some kind of creeper. Ever seen the creep video by Lonely Island? That’s not what you’re going for.

Ok, let’s continue…

The Asset And Remember Texts

Once you have her attention with a curiosity pivot it’s time to make her feel sexy by telling her how much she turns you on. It’s about owning your lust and establishing her sexual power so she feels safe.

You’ll do this through a couple of text examples Michael Fiore refers to as the “asset” and “remember” texts.

With the asset text you’ll focus on the things she thinks are her best assets. Notice I said what SHE THINKS are her best assets, not what you think (although the two could be the same thing).

With a remember text, you’ll basically relive a previous sexual encounter you’ve had with her. Michael provides a few quick examples when he states…

“Tell her how much you liked a sensation, the look on her face, etc. How incredibly sexually attractive she is to you.”

Once you’ve established her sexual power, it’s time to move into the fun…err, fun and DIRTY…stuff.

Multi-sensual Story Telling

This could well be the best part of the Text Your Wife Into Bed program. The Michael Fiore text examples from this section of the program are designed to…

“Lead her through a sexual experience while fully engaging her emotions, imagination, and senses.”

Your goal will be to build up anticipation while painting a picture of the sexual experience by using emotional and imaginative language. This is the stuff Michael truly shines at.

This is the point where you take control and make your wife or girlfriend feel like she’s the sexiest woman alive. Expect things to get SUPER HOT!

Ok, let me step away for a bit while you seal the deal…

See, I wasn’t kidding about how women respond to this stuff when you do it the way Michael teaches…

But seriously, if you want to dial up the heat in your relationship using text messages, get a copy of the Text Your Wife Into Bed program and try some of Michael Fiore’s texts. Awesome stuff!

Quick Recap Of The Text Examples In The Text Your Wife Into Bed Program

So to recap, here are some of the text message examples you’ll learn in Michael Fiore’s Text Your Wife Into Bed program…

  • The curiosity pivot
  • Asset texts
  • Remember texts
  • Multi-sensual story telling texts

In my next post, I’ll take a look at some examples from Michael’s Text The Romance Back program.

See you in the next post,