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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

Michael Fiore Text The Romance Back Text Examples

In my last post, I shared some of the different text messages you’ll learn inside Michael Fiore’s Text Your Wife Into Bed program.

Feeling like there isn’t enough sex and intimacy in your relationship sucks. (Trust me, I know. I’m a cartoon for crying out loud.) But Michael’s texts can really turn the heat up in a hurry.

Today I want to talk about romance and, more specifically, text examples from Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back program. If you don’t already know, Text The Romance Back is a 30-day digital relationship transformer (not to be confused with Megatron or Optimus Prime) that teaches men and women how to use text messages to super charge passion and romance.

Michael says…

“Sending the man or woman in your life the right messages when you’re away from each other (or even when you’re in the same room together) can create an amazing sense of intimacy and connection between you and your partner, take the gas out of dumb fights, and put the SPARK back in your relationship, no matter how long it’s been gone.”

Later he goes on to say…

“Not only do you get a set of powerful techniques you can use, you also get a 30 day plan for slowly amping up the romance and passion in your relationship, getting your partner more and more engaged, and turning texting into your own private fantasy world where the two of you can do
and say ANYTHING.”

Mike spent years perfecting his craft in his own relationships and the relationships of his friends, family, and customers. The results? Simply phenomenal.

This is really cool stuff and I’m excited to share with you some of the different kinds of texts you’ll learn inside the program. With a little guidance you can reignite the flame, put the spark back into your relationship, and create a foundation that will last for years to come. And it’s a heck of a lot of fun too.

Michael Fiore Text Examples From The Text The Romance Back Program

text the romance back isn't just for couplesYou’re probably wondering how it all works, so let’s find out.

If you’re like some people, you may think Mike is more than a little crazy and typing out short, intimate messages on a tiny, 3-inch screen is just a silly thing teenagers do. Or, it’s entirely possible you “get it” and have a flirty glow and giggle about you right now because you’ve witnessed the power of texting first hand.

Maybe the whole idea is kind of nuts, but Michael says…

“But texting is basically digital telepathy. It’s a way for you to have a secret conversation with the man or woman you love (or just really, really like) without anyone else being the wiser or being able to listen in.”

This stuff works on men. It works on women. Yeah, there are some key differences between the sexes (ummm..yeah..besides THAT one) you need to be aware of, but Michael covers all that really well in the Text The Romance Back PDF.

Here’s how it all takes shape…

Appreciation Texts And Sensual Compliments

Ready to prime the pump? That’s what you’re doing when you first start using the Text The Romance Back system. And the first Michael Fiore text examples you’ll come across are called appreciation texts and sensual compliments.

Appreciation Texts

Ok, so I’ll admit appreciation texts are a little cheesy. Heck, even Michael’s definition is kind of cheesy…

“Appreciation texts are little pieces of romantic wonder sent over the airwaves and right to your partner’s heart.”

But don’t let that fool you. These are incredibly simple and incredibly effective. The truth is, most couples never take the time to compliment and appreciate each other. Why? Cause it’s not cool. It’s cheesy.

But I absolutely love what Michael Fiore says about this…

“Seriously. I don’t know if it’s just an American thing, but most people, especially couples, just don’t tell each other what they LIKE about each other very often. It’s like we’re all trying to be too cool to be romantic. But love isn’t cool. It’s dorky and overwhelming and ridiculously fun.”

You heard the man. “It’s dorky and overwhelming and ridiculously fun.” That’s what makes a GREAT relationship.

You need to get your partner used to receiving attention from you over text, so don’t overlook appreciation texts. These will help you set the tone for the more advanced texts that come later.

Used in small doses at the right time, these kinds of texts pack a powerful punch!

Sensual Compliments

Michael Fiore describes sensual compliments as the “physical and sensual counterpart to appreciation texts”. They are all about detail and emotion and appeal to all 5 senses.

Michael further explains…

“They’re little texts you send to your partner as a way to let him or her know you’re thinking of them, find them attractive, have some plans for them that night or generally like having them around. . . and they’re a great way to add a little SPARK to your partner’s day, draw their attention to you like a magnet and get the passion center of their brain working in overdrive.”

Once you’ve downloaded the Text The Romance Back PDF ebook, study and master these texts. Seriously.

These are some of my favorite Michael Fiore text examples because I can let my wife know how much I want her, desire her, and how she drives me crazy in an insanely good way. And she loves it!

This is where you’ll really start to create a private, romantic channel through texting.

Curiosity Magnets And Bait Questions

Now let’s talk about some text examples that will help grab your partner’s attention and keep them interested.

Curiosity Magnets

In my post about Text Your Wife Into Bed, I mentioned curiosity pivots. Curiosity magnets are very similar and are designed to draw your partner into a playful conversation.

Michael Fiore paints a fantastic image when he says…

“The Curiosity Magnet is a lot like a FedEx package. You have no idea what you’re going to get, so you tear into it like a wolverine into a steak the minute it lands on your desk.”

These can be a lot of fun and the way Michael teaches them makes them very hard for your partner to ignore.

Bait Questions

The next Mike Fiore text you’ll come across in the Text The Romance Back program is the bait question which strangely always makes me think of fly fishing. But that could just be because I’m a totally nut for that sort of thing.

In a way, you are “fishing” for a response when you text a bait question. They can be sent out of nowhere and are a perfect way to “interrupt” your partner’s boring, monotonous day.

The point is to send short, simple (and sometimes strangely weird) questions to your partner that allow them to open up to you in a fun, engaging way. Michael has some really good ones. The response you get can take your conversation almost anywhere.

The Relationship Time Machine And The Text Massage

3…2…1…launch sequence initiated. You have now entered the relationship time machine. I’m sorry but Doc Brown (yes, I just made a bad Back To The Future reference) won’t be joining us. But not all is lost. After all, a text massage from him would just be….well…incredibly weird.

The Relationship Time Machine

This type of Michael Fiore text takes your partner back to an incredible experience the two of you shared together. An experience where they can be reminded of the attraction and love they had for you.

Think marriage, the day your children were born, an amazing vacation, or even the time you won the 3-legged potato sack race at the county fair.

Any experience that closely bonded the two of you will work great for this type of text. The trick is to recreate the experience using power words such as “feel” and “imagine”.

Lots of detail will help create strong, positive emotions.

The Text Massage

Change an “e” to an “a” and what do you get?…a text massage of course!

And why call it that? As Michael points out…

“…I call it that because you’re basically going to use tricks of psychology to give your partner an honest to goodness massage over text message wherever they are, whenever you want. I didn’t know this when I first created the technique, but this stuff MELTS men and turns them into blubbering piles of goo. And it does an end run around a woman’s defenses and gets her to totally open up to you.”

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a massage (even a digital one), do you?

It’s these kind of strange texting techniques that make me a big believer in what Michael Fiore does. With just a few words typed out on your cell phone, you can reach the very core of all your partner’s senses.

A great text massage can become intoxicating. You really have to try this one.

Private Whispers And Digital Foreplay

Ok, time to tuck the kiddies away for the night. The next text examples from Michael Fiore get a bit more “dirty”. Time for the sexy stuff.

Private Whispers

Private whispers are texts you want to use when you and your partner are together, but you can’t act on your urges.

text the romance back private whispers couple

Private whispers are a great way to build anticipation for later...

For example, you might be at a dinner party. Maybe you’re in the check out line at the grocery store. Perhaps you are belted in to one of those airplane seats that never has enough leg room.

These are designed to be fun, flirty, and teasing. They are playful and create a lot of anticipation for later. When the room empties be prepared for your partner to jump on you.

Michael gives a lot of great ideas here. I know these are some of his favorites from the Text The Romance Back book.

Killer stuff.

Digital Foreplay

By the time you reach this point in the Text The Romance Back program, there will be a lot more passion and romance in your relationship. Michael shows you how to ramp up the heat and narrate a fantasy with your partner.

You can take this as far as you want. Let Michael show you how to tease and arouse your partner over text. Build up the anticipation.

And then…OMG!

That’s the power of texting.

You Can Click Here To Get A Copy Of All Of Michael Fiore’s Text The Romance Back Text Examples

See you in the next post,