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Where Can I Buy Text Your Ex Back By Michael Fiore?

Hi! Wiley here. Today I’d like to take a few minutes and answer a recent reader question regarding Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program.

The question was…

Where can I buy Text Your Ex Back?

And, more importantly where to buy Text Your Ex Back safely and securely so you know you’re getting a legal and up to date copy without risking your payment details online.

Great question! Let’s dig into it.

Where Is Text Your Ex Back Sold?

Text Your Ex Back, along with Michael Fiore’s other programs, are sold online through official websites set up and run by Michael Fiore and all payments are processed by Clickbank, the web’s premier marketplace for digital, downloadable products.

If you aren’t familiar with Clickbank, here is a little bit of info about the company…

“ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 30,000 digital transactions a day. We serve more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.

ClickBank is privately held with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Boise, Idaho. Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc.”

That’s right, they handle a transaction every 3 seconds of every day and they’ve been doing it since 1998. That’s pretty incredible!

Clickbank is an extremely trusted and respected company when it comes to handling digital online purchases. They use advanced security measures to ensure every transaction is processed securely.

Clickbank allows you to pay via debit or credit cards as well as through Paypal.

So if you make sure your purchase of Text Your Ex Back is handled by Clickbank, then you’ll be in good hands. I show you step by step how to do this down below.

How To Buy Text Your Ex Back Safely And Securely

Ok, now that I’ve told you a little bit about where Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back PDF ebook is sold, I wanted to take you through the ordering process using some screenshots and examples. Clickbank makes it really simple, but I wanted you to be able to follow along in case you’re a little leery about making online purchases.

Follow the steps below and you shouldn’t have any problems buying the program.

Steps To Get Text Your Ex Back

Ok, here’s the step by step run down. Contact me or leave a comment at the end of this post if you have any other questions, ok?

Step 1

Click here to visit Michael Fiore’s official Text Your Ex Back website. This will open a new tab in your browser and will look like the screenshot to the right. video presentation screen at the official Text Your Ex Back website

Step 2

Select your video presentation based on whether you are male or female. This will take you to the video page which will look like the screenshot to the right. (This shows the men’s presentation, but the women’s presentation will look very similar). Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back video

Step 3

You have a couple of options with this step so I have separated them out into Step 3A and Step 3B below. You only need to do one or the other. Step 3B simply allows you to order the product a little faster than step 3A.

Step 3A – Watch The Video To About The 25:00 Minute Mark
If you choose this option, watch the video (it’s fantastic) until at least the 25:00 minute mark. Near that time, you should see the start of an order form pop up beneath the video. It will look like the screenshot to the right. Text Your Ex Back add to cart screen
Step 3B – Get To The Order Form Immediately Without Watching The Video
If you’re short on time, have read my review, or already know quite a bit about the program and don’t want to watch the video all the way through before purchasing Text Your Ex Back, choose this option.

Close the browser tab you opened previously with the video in it. Then, click this link and choose your presentation again. This time, you should see an order form underneath the video that looks like the screenshot to the right.

Basically you just need to visit the site a second time if you want the order form to show up immediately.

Text Your Ex Back add to cart screen

Step 4

Fill out your name and email and then click the “Add To Cart” button. You’ll be taken to the final order page where you can enter and submit your payment details. It will look like the screenshot to the right.

You can pay via credit card, debit card, or Paypal.

Clickbank order form for Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back

Enter your payment details and place your order. That’s it! Easy peasy right?

By following the steps above, you can ensure your payment will be safe and secure through Clickbank and shouldn’t run into any problems when you buy Text Your Ex Back. You’ll also get access to 3 awesome bonuses Michael Fiore includes in the program, one of which is called Facebook Romance Secrets. Very cool stuff!

What Happens After I Purchase Text Your Ex Back By Michael Fiore?

After you make your purchase, you will be taken to the download page and Clickbank will email you an order receipt. Be sure to hold on to this in case you ever need to look up your order details or run into any technical glitches and need to download your products again.

If you don’t receive your receipt for some reason (check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t get gobbled up by any spam monsters), no worries. You can click here and have a Clickbank representative look up your order and reissue the receipt.

As always, I’m only an email away if you need any additional help.

See you in the next post,


  1. I live in Belarus and was wondering if i could make an order and have it sent to me by post???
    I wanted to order the set for $47… would I get it sent to me?

    • Hi Maria,

      Unfortunately Text Your Ex Back is only available as a downloadable PDF ebook. It comes in digital format and you simply download it straight to your computer or any other device capable of viewing PDF files. It can only be purchased here. There isn’t a paperback or hard copy that can be shipped to you. I hope that helps!