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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

Is Text Your Ex Back For iPhone, iPad, And Kindle?

Technology is cool, isn’t it? Today we have all kinds of amazing devices to play around with. The iPhone. The iPad. The Nook. The Kindle. Androids like my HTC Evo.

With all these different platforms available, you can have content at your fingertips virtually anywhere.

Recently, I was reminded why I enjoy digital online ebooks so much when a reader asked, “Is Text Your Ex Back for iPhone?

The Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back system isn’t an actual book. At least not in the same sense as E L James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey or John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus which you can actually have shipped to you as paperbacks. These latter books are also available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Text Your Ex Back, on the other hand, is exclusively sold as a PDF ebook through Clickbank, the world’s premier marketplace for digital downloadable products. You won’t find it in Amazon’s Kindle Store, but since it’s a PDF you can still send it to your Kindle using your free Kindle email address.

wiley's tip for sharing text your ex back across devicesYou won’t find Text Your Ex Back in stores, on Amazon, or at Barnes and Noble. The only place to get it is through Michael Fiore’s official Text Your Ex Back website.

But let’s get back to the original question…”Is Text Your Ex Back for iPhone?”

The answer is “yes” and this is one of the reasons I enjoy downloadable ebooks that use Portable Document Format (PDF). They are easily shared amongst virtually every device out there.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love having a “hard copy” in my hand every now and then and sometimes I’ll print out digital books and put them in a binder for exactly that purpose, but the convenience of ebooks is hard for me to ignore.

When I’m looking for information, especially information that will help me solve a problem, I like having immediate access to it rather than having to wait 4-7 days for something to be shipped to me.

Since the main Text Your Ex Back guide is a PDF, you can transfer it to just about any device as long as those devices have a PDF reader. These are pretty standard on devices nowadays and if not, take a quick look through your app store and you can find lots of them for free (I recommend Adobe Reader).

You can read Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back on your laptop or desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android devices, and many others. Here are some screenshots showing the ebook on many of my own gadgets.

text your ex back for iPhone text your ex back for iPad
text your ex back for laptop and desktop computers text your ex back for amazon kindle

My Recommendations For Downloading And Sharing Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Between Devices

If you want to buy Text Your Ex Back to help you get back together with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, I still recommend first purchasing it and downloading it through a laptop or desktop computer. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, when PDF ebooks are bundled with other types of media such as audio and video files, they will often be combined and compressed into ZIP files to make them faster to download. A laptop or desktop computer makes it easiest to unzip the file so you can access each individual part and then share those across your devices.

Second, many devices will let you read PDF’s but they don’t always have a way to actually download and store files like you can on a computer. This becomes inconvenient to then attach and share the files with other devices.

Therefore, I like to use my laptop as a “central hub” and then send my files to any other devices I might want them on.

Once you’ve downloaded PDF’s to your computer, the easiest way I have found to share them with other devices is to simply attach the PDF file in an email and email it to yourself. Then, open your email through your iPhone, iPad, or other device and when you click on the file inside your email you should be able to read it on that device.

Likewise, if you send a PDF attachment to your free Kindle email address it will show up on your Kindle. Easy peasy!

Just remember, because Text Your Ex Back is a downloadable PDF ebook and not an actual paperback or hardback book, you can have immediate access to it and can share it amongst all your devices. That way you’ll always have Michael Fiore’s advice and texting tips on hand whenever you need them.

This is a huge relief when you’re not quite sure how to start up a text conversation or how to respond to text messages from your ex.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions just ask, ok?

See you in the next post,