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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

How To Flirt Through Texting In A Crowd

Text flirting…

It’s such a fun topic. I mean who doesn’t like to flirt? If you’re shy or nervous around new people, flirting can be a little (or a lot) intimidating in person, but texting makes things a whole lot easier and a lot less nerve wracking.

And that’s a good thing.

In the past I’ve talked about using texts to get your ex back and have touched on topics like text romance. Today I want to talk about how to flirt through texting when you’re in a crowd and I’ll be referencing back to something I learned from my buddy Michael Fiore.

It’s something he refers to as “Private Whispers”. Very cool stuff which I’ll get to in just a second.

Why I Love Flirting Over Text

Text flirting is one of my favorite topics. It’s one of the best ways I know to bring romance, passion, and intimacy into a relationship and one of the quickest ways to build attraction and desire in a new love interest or crush if you know what you’re doing.

Not to mention, it’s a ton of fun.

girl texting her crush

Flirting over text is an amazing way to build attraction...

Not only can you create the initial spark in your relationship, but you can also easily keep a guy or girl interested in you by mastering flirty texts. You’ll have plenty of time to think about what to say and won’t have to worry about tripping all over yourself or stumbling over your words right in front of your crush.

You probably know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever tried flirting with someone you like only to think of the perfect thing to say about 5 minutes too late.

You walk away deflated thinking to yourself, “Gawww! I’m such an idiot.” Been there? Me too.

Texting saves you from that embarrassment.

The Problem From My College Days That Led Me To The Private Whispers Solution

Let me know if you’ve ever been in this situation. It’s something that seemed common back in my college days (wow, I’m already sounding old. Next thing you know I’ll be talking about how I had to walk to school uphill both ways in 4 feet of snow).

So the problem went something like this…

In class or maybe through a mutual friend I’d meet a girl I was interested in. I’d talk to her a little bit, get her phone number, and maybe we’d text a little bit.

Then, some big event would come up. Maybe it was a concert. Maybe it was a fraternity or sorority party. Maybe it was a football or basketball game, graduation, wedding, etc. I’d find out my new crush was going to be there so of course I’d get excited.

I’d think, “There’s not a chance I’m going to miss this. It’s going to be awesome! I’m going to hang out with her and really get to know her. I can’t wait.” But here’s where the problem came in…

I’d get to these events, maybe even see the girl I was interested in, but never really get to talk to her. There was always a crowd. Loud music. Something foiling my plans.

My friends wanted my attention. Her friends wanted her attention. It was too loud to really talk even if I got the chance. Too many people around to flirt openly without risking total embarrassment.

The night would end, and I’d be lucky if I got to make eye contact with my new found crush.

There had to be a better way and there was…

Private Whispers • How To Flirt Through Texting When You’re In A Crowd

The technique I’m about to share with you comes from one of Michael Fiore’s best selling ebooks, Text The Romance Back. I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you’re at all interested in text flirting or using text messages to dial up romance, intimacy, passion, and desire in your relationships. Killer stuff.

As I had mentioned before, these types of texts are called Private Whispers and Mike says…

“Our goal is to have a private little conversation with your partner in a situation where you are together, but can’t have a romantic conversation or really touch each other, because there are other people and it just wouldn’t be appropriate.”

In other words, you’re in a crowd.

So for example, you might be…

  • On an airplane with a bunch of other passengers
  • At a sporting event
  • At a graduation, birthday, frat, or some other kind of party
  • At a music concert or comedy club
  • A wedding
  • In class or on a class field trip
  • At work surrounded by other co-workers

I’m sure you get the idea.

Michael Fiore explains…

“What makes Private Whispers so much fun is the incongruence between how you have to act on the outside (proper, normal, boring) and the tone of the conversation you’re having with your partner telepathically through your phone.”

And later goes on to say…

“…in the right circumstances you can build amazing levels of tension and desire that have you clawing at each other like hyenas as soon as you get some time alone.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t complain if my crush or love interest wanted to ravish me the minute we got some time alone.

wiley's tip - text kissPrivate whispers work great with a new love interest to dial up attraction, but they also work amazingly well with a current boyfriend or girlfriend. Obviously you can be even more flirty, forward, and dirty with someone you’re in a relationship with as opposed to someone you just met.

This is also a great technique if you and your partner or love interest work together, but there’s never a really good time to talk.

Basically if you’re in a crowd and have your partner’s or crush’s phone number (so that you can actually text them), then you’ll want to give Private Whispers a try.

Let’s dig into them a bit deeper and provide you with some flirty text examples.

My Favorite Grammar Symbol For Flirting Over Text Messages

I can already see you cringing at the word “grammar”, but this is cool grammar (if there is such a thing) and not that boring, tedious prepositional phrase and adverbial stuff you learned in middle school (and then promptly forgot).

One of my favorite symbols to use with flirty texts is what is known as an ellipsis. If you flunked grammar class (I won’t tell anyone) that’s those 3 little dots at the end of a sentence that looks like this…

The ellipsis is really cool when it comes to texting because it leads to anticipation and allows your partner to use their imagination. The best way to explain this is to look at some examples.

Private Whisper Text Message Examples

Flirting through text messages is all about having FUN! Don’t be afraid to let loose a little and use text messages to press a few of your partner’s hot buttons.

Let’s imagine a quick scenario (using Trevor and Katie as our couple) so you can see how this works.

Let’s imagine that Trevor is currently dating Katie. They get invited to a big frat party on campus (because they are “in” with all the cool kids).

They decide to go but almost as soon as they walk in the door they get pulled in different directions. Trevor’s buddies grab him for a game of beer pong while Katie’s friends immediately pull her out on the dance floor.

There’s amazing, but loud music playing. Tons of people (they feel a little like a can of sardines at the moment). And Trevor and Katie can barely keep eye contact with one another.

little black dressBut something about Katie is driving Trevor wild. He occasionally catches glances of her on the dance floor and can’t help but notice how super hot she looks in her little black dress. Watching her body move and sway erotically makes him want to run over there and ravish her right there.

But he can’t. There’s too many people. He knows his buddies (and her friends) will never let them leave so soon. So he takes another approach.

He pulls out his phone and texts Katie…”If you keep looking at me like that I’ll have to…” (he’s a good man using the ellipsis I mentioned earlier)

He watches as Katie picks up her cell phone and grins…she types back, “You’re gonna have to do what? :)”

Trevor replies with, “Oh, I think you know. ;) You’re the sexiest woman here…by far” (great place to use emoticons)

As Katie reads the text, she feels an immediate rush of excitement taking over her entire body. The way she feels when Trevor touches her and kisses her neck. It takes all she has to keep from walking over there and ripping his shirt off, but she too will have to wait.

Later in the night when Trevor and the gang switch from playing beer pong to playing pool, Katie pulls out her phone and texts the following message to Trevor, “There’s something I can’t stop thinking about…”

Trevor replies, “What’s that?”

Katie writes, “How hot your butt looks every time you bend over the pool table to take a shot..”

Trevor, being the quick thinker that he is, types back, ” ;) I know something we can do on a pool table…” and then watches her wink and flash a dirty smile at him from across the room.

The teasing and sexual tension continues throughout the night as each Private Whisper dials up the attraction a little more. And when they leave the party, it’s game on!

Hopefully that example gives you a good sense of how these flirty texts can be used in situations where it’s impossible to touch each other or carry on a face to face conversation.

Another thing I love about Private Whispers is their simplicity. For example…

  • Stop distracting me…
  • If we were alone right now…
  • Stop smiling at me or I’ll have to…
  • You have no idea how bad I want to…
  • Quit that…
  • Do that one more time and I’ll…
  • You’re making me want to…
  • If you glance at me like that again, things might…

See how playful and flirty they are? How they tease and leave things open to the imagination? How they build anticipation and attraction?

Learning how to flirt through texting is a skill that becomes easier and easier the more you do it. You can use Private Whispers in a lot of different ways to establish connection, attraction, love, desire, and more.

You’ll learn more examples here along with some of Michael Fiore’s more advanced techniques like text kisses and text massages. Awesome stuff!