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Using Texting Technology To Improve Human Connection

Text Your Ex Back Examples • Michael Fiore Texts

If you’ve read my Text Your Ex Back review or watched my buddy Derek Maak’s Text Your Ex Back review video, then you probably have a pretty good idea what the Michael Fiore program is all about and how it can help you get your ex back.

Today I want to expand on some of the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back examples Derek mentions in his video and talk about how you can use these different kinds of text messages to create a powerful emotional connection with your ex and penetrate his or her emotional defenses even if he or she has started dating someone else and claims there are no more feelings for you.

I’ve been a student of Michael’s and a huge fan of texting for a while now (heck, I created this entire website just to cover the topic of texting in relationships), and his stuff is super powerful once you understand how and why it works. If you ever get a chance to dig into Michael Fiore’s brain, do it. He really knows how to connect with a man or woman’s primal romantic center to positively influence the desire, attraction, and lust that lurks there.

Let’s look at the 5 main kinds of text messages Michael covers in his get your ex back program.

Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Examples

In the Text Your Ex Back program, Michael Fiore texts fall into 5 main categories. These are…

  • Across The Bow Texts
  • Best Of The Relationship Texts
  • Intimacy Booster Texts
  • The Green Eyed Monster Text
  • Emotional Honesty Texts

Michael provides specific examples of each kind of text, but that’s only a small part of the program. You can copy and paste his texts as is (and you’ll probably have incredible success doing so), but it’s equally as important to know WHEN and HOW to use them in your relationship.

I also think you’ll have even better results if you study his patented “texting formulas” and learn how to craft each type of text on your own so you can make it unique to your situation.

Wiley Tip Text Your Ex Back ExamplesWhat’s my point with all this?

Simply that the reason to invest in Michael Fiore’s PDF isn’t for a list of cut and paste text messages (even though he gives you some fantastic ones), but rather to learn the psychology and techniques that allow you to break down any wall your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend may currently have up…and to be able to do it all by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone.

This is the kind of stuff that can have your ex thinking about you, craving you, asking for a second chance (even if they’re not the one who did anything wrong), begging for your attention, and believing 100% that getting back together was his or her idea. Of course, you can grin a little inside because you’ll know better.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the 5 Text Your Ex Back examples I mentioned above.

Across The Bow Texts

Let me ask you something…

Have you already tried getting your ex back with text messages? Sent everything you could possibly think of to make your ex want you back? Searched high and low for the best text to send your ex, sent it, and then sat by your phone…waiting…and waiting?

What kind of response did you get? Did you get any response at all? Does it seem like no matter what text you send, your ex just ignores it and seems to want nothing to do with you?

If you’re like most people who haven’t gone through Michael Fiore’s program, you’re probably approaching communication with your ex in the wrong way. Begging. Pleading. Sounding desperate. Relentlessly apologizing. Telling your ex he or she is right. Saying you’ve changed. And the list goes on and on…

And when you get ignored, the only question you’re left with is, “WHY?!?”

In his video, Mike Fiore says this approach is “like ramming your head against a brick wall”. That’s exactly what it feels like, doesn’t it? OUCH!

And that’s precisely why Michael devised his Across the Bow texts which he explains like this…

“An “Across The Bow” text is a shot in the dark. It’s that first text you send when you haven’t talked to or seen your ex in a while, and is designed to let them know that you’re thinking about them, that you don’t have any negative feelings towards them, and that you’re not horribly, horribly messed up over the break up (even if you actually are).”

These text messages are the “conversation starters” you can use to approach your ex in a non-threatening and non-intrusive way that won’t back your ex into a corner or make him or her feel pressured. And you won’t come across as needy, desperate, or make a fool of yourself in the process.

Best Of The Relationship Texts

If you want to get your ex back through text messages, the very first thing you need to do is erase the negative image your ex currently has of you and replace it with the romantic best version of you that will get rid of the hurt and bad memories that are currently blocking your ex’s love for you.

So how do you start that process? Best of the relationship texts.

These Text Your Ex Back examples use emotional language and detail to connect with your ex using positive experiences you’ve shared together. Remember, you have to get the negative image of you out of your ex’s mind and remind him or her why they fell in love with you in the first place.

By using Michael Fiore’s texting techniques you can actually “direct” memories in your ex’s mind to get the positive result you want. And how is that possible? Because “memories” don’t actually exist.

I’ll let Michael explain…

“Did you know that memories don’t actually exist? It’s true. Every time you try to “remember” something, your brain goes into data retrieval mode and basically creates a “movie” of what happened in your head. And every time you remember something it’s a new ‘movie’.”

Think of it as a way to transport your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back to the very best times you’ve ever shared together. And then using those past events to magnetically draw your ex to you again. Very cool stuff!

Intimacy Booster Texts

What if your ex is already dating someone else? What then?

The great thing about the Text Your Ex Back program is it simply doesn’t matter. Even if your ex is currently dating someone else you can still use simple, powerful text messages to make them yearn for the closeness the two of you once shared.

It’s all about being an unbreakable emotional support so you become “her superman” or “his wonderwoman”.

When talking about intimacy booster texts, Michael Fiore says…

“Your goal is to remind them of that intimacy and connection in a positive way. You want your ex to almost YEARN for the close support you provided for them, and you want to do it all over text.”

Few people know your ex better than you. Use intimacy booster texts to be their support system when it matters most.

The Green Eyed Monster Text

big green monster hulk

The green eyed monster text can make your ex ready to fight for you...

Few Text Your Ex Back examples are more controversial than the green eyed monster text…and few are as powerful when done correctly.

When I say green eyed monster, I’m not talking about that raging green superhero with the massive biceps seen in the Avengers (great movie by the way). No, I’m talking about jealousy and how to use it to your advantage to get your ex back.

If you want your ex to fight for you and crave your affection, then this Michael Fiore text is for you. But I do need to warn you about something…

Pay special attention to how Michael tells you to craft and send these text messages. They can seriously backfire if you don’t heed Michael’s advice.

The green eyed monster text plays off social proof and will make you appear more valuable to your ex.

As Michael explains, that’s because…

“If your ex knows that you’re seen as attractive/valuable to other attractive/valuable people, your stock will go up radically. If your ex knows you’re being hit on by “hot” people, he or she will most likely feel a horrible pang of jealousy and doubt the whole “break up” thing.”

Subtle is the name of the game here.

Emotional Honesty Texts

I gotta tell ya, these are a little bit scary. Especially if you’re not used to opening up a little (yes, men, I’m talking mostly to you as women seem to be much better at this) and expressing your feelings.

But you need to give these a try no matter what. The results can be amazing and Michael shows you how to do it without stumbling over your words, sounding desperate, or coming across in the wrong way.

Michael calls emotional honesty texts the “nuclear bomb of ex girlfriend seduction”, but these work extremely well on men as well.

Michael Fiore has a ton of examples and this type of text message will help you cut past all the BS in your relationship and get to the truth of how you really feel about each other.

Some Final Thoughts On Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back Text Messages

Remember no single text will get your ex to come crawling back to you by itself. What makes Michael’s system so powerful is the ability to send a variety of texts over time that combine to reignite the spark in your relationship and take it from a virtual to a physical level.

In Michael’s words, these texts and texting formulas can help give you the type of relationship you want…

“Where you love each other, talk openly and honestly, support each other and just ENJOY each other every day without even thinking about having another one of ‘those’ fights…”

You want to make your ex feel safe so they can be open to love and can be the person they truly are without the fear of being judged.

Let Michael Fiore help you cut past your ex’s rational mind. Only then can you create the spark they have probably been craving since the day you broke up.

See you in the next post,